The challenge
The change of location in the building of the first plant to the underground plant together with the arrival of the technology produced a decline in sales in the Department of Culture and Leisure of El Corte Inglés. This department includes bookstore,
cinema, music, fine arts, stationery. The need to marketing was with a small budget to impact on customers in store to activate sales.
The solution
If customers find  in the store on the same floor everything they need for personal care in the plant of the leisure and culture department find everything they need to develop the creative side of their lives. We will remind the customers through messages in the store of the transforming power of everyday objects such as a pencil, a book ...and the influence they have on the development of creativity. For this, these everyday objects are transformed into the hands of an illustrator.
My role
Customer Experience designer. Idea and conceptualization.
Illustrator: César Barceló
Pilot project in store

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